Judith Philpot: Wos’ version of success

September 24, 2013 

Wos’ version of success

DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos tells an inspirational life story about her family journey from Poland to America and her attainment of the American dream.

My family history is also a Polish immigrant success story. And growing up, Wos must have learned the same lessons as I: With hard work, study, ambition and sacrifice, you can, and will, succeed. It appears, however, that somewhere along the way our lessons diverged.

I was taught that it wasn’t your race, religion, ethnic background or whether you were male or female that mattered. What counted was achievement, aptitude and skill that determined your place in life. It certainly had nothing to do with “who you knew,” political party or how much was donated to the “right” causes.

When did the respect for meritocracy morph into the game of political payback? This may be Wos’ version of the American dream. It is not mine.

Judith Philpot

Chapel Hill

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