Dick Robinson: Is Landry drunk?

September 24, 2013 

My pal Landry

Regarding Marc Landry’s Sept. 19 column “A boost to the DWI industry”: The cops are persecuting me. My lawyer says I’ll probably lose my driver’s license. My auto insurance premium will double. My in-laws are being disgusting about the whole thing. And the do-gooders at MADD will no doubt use me as a whipping boy in efforts to get more restrictive laws passed.

But at least my friend Landry understands.

So I had a couple of beers at the club before driving home. Big deal. The whole thing was the other guy’s fault. He should never have slammed on the brakes when the traffic light turned yellow. But everyone’s blaming me for rear-ending the jerk. They say I blew 0.09, but I know I absolutely was not “impaired.”

Those arbitrary blood-alcohol tests don’t take into account those of us who know how to handle a few drinks. Let the authorities prove in court – without the phony blood-alcohol test results – that I in fact was incapacitated. Fat chance!

This is just another example of how repressive government is getting, limiting our liberty every time we turn around. Thankfully, Landry is doing his best to expose the erosion of our freedoms.

Dick Robinson

Chapel Hill

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