Jim Valario: Landry wrong about European drinkers

September 24, 2013 

DWI attitudes

In his Sept. 18 column “A boost to the DWI industry,” Marc Landry complained about stricter enforcement of our drunken driving laws and the harshness of penalties for those found guilty of driving while intoxicated. He then went on to state that, “Americans have never been as accepting as Europeans in our attitudes toward alcohol.”

Apparently Landry is unaware that the legal limit in almost all EU states is lower than that in the United States. In addition, the penalties for driving while intoxicated in EU countries are substantially more severe than those in the United States.

From Landry’s column, it is very clear he has a very “accepting” attitude toward people who drink and drive and that he opposes increased efforts to catch drunk drivers. He is, however, very mistaken if he believes that this attitude is shared by our neighbors in Europe or the rest of the developed world.

Jim Valario


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