C.K. Ling: DMV could help elderly with ID line

September 25, 2013 

Special ID line

Thousands of people in N.C. over the age of 70 have voted for 50 years are more. Many of these individuals no longer have valid driver’s licenses. These seniors do have their Medicare cards with their Social Security numbers on them, birth certificates and other types of ID. However, the state demands a photo ID through DMV.

I went to DMV last year and waited over two hours just for a license renewal. The state should require DMV to provide a separate line for voter ID. This would help the elderly and those who would have to be absent from work. Many seniors have to depend on friends or paid help to get out once a week, and I think the state should have respect for their efforts to vote.

It’s difficult for me to imagine that someone would commit identity theft, not to use credit cards or empty bank accounts but to cast one vote! I read there was fewer than 30 cases of voter fraud prosecuted in the entire U.S. If this is true, what is all the fuss about?

C.K. Ling


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