Ann Overton: ‘Calm’ board worthy of bond

September 25, 2013 

Board worthy of bonds

Yes, the writer of the Sept. 21 letter “Unstable school board” is bitter about the current school board. She was Ron Margiotta’s campaign manager in his failed election, and for her to call the current school board “unstable” is ironic indeed! Margiotta led a board that put politics first and students last. They hired an inexperienced superintendent – however “passionate” he was – who wasted millions on untested schemes like a countywide assignment plan. Remember the bus debacle under that superintendent’s term? That was indeed unstable.

This school board has brought calm to our school system and stability to our children and teachers, and the members are actually now working on improving graduation rates and fighting for public education. That’s what I want for the future of our school system, and that’s why this community should support the school construction bond issue and not bitter partisanship in our schools.

Ann Overton


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