Joe Elinoff: Krauthammer ‘wanting’

September 26, 2013 

Krauthammer ‘wanting’

In his Sept. 13 column “The fruits of epic incompetence,” Charles Krauthammer judges President Obama’s Syria policy and finds it more than a bit wanting. Krauthammer is lucky that columnists are not judged on how correct their pronouncements and predictions are; if he were judged as he judges the president, being found “wanting” would be the kindest conclusion.

For Krauthammer, what is “good for Israel is good for the United States.” Everything is filtered through that prism. Pushing for the second war in Iraq is just one result of his conflating the interests, wrongly, of Israel and the USA.

Now Syria is Krauthammer’s latest cause. He disapproves of whatever President Obama does or does not do. But what would Krauthammer suggest instead? There are no good choices in this mess. If the USA had intervened on the side of the rebels in the beginning, we would own the conflict and have a couple hundred thousand “boots on the ground” trying to keep Sunnis from ethnically cleansing the Alawites, Christians and other minorities. That hasn’t worked so well in Iraq or Afghanistan. All choices since have been equally bad.

Krauthammer simply does not understand.

Joe Elinoff


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