William Gray: Gridlock awaits Cameron Village

September 26, 2013 

Gridlock awaits

Your Sept. 23 news story “Change rising in Cameron Village” missed one minor point. The reason these overbuilt apartment buildings create a “canyon effect” is because the developers refused to follow city comprehensive development plans.

When asked in public meetings why the apartments couldn’t conform to lower height and density requirements, the developers answered, “We can’t make any money if we follow Raleigh’s regulations.” The City Council agreed, and there you have it, the canyon effect. Development plans aren’t worth a hill of beans if they’re not followed.

Also, within the next several months, more apartment complexes will be built on Oberlin Road. All these apartments will bring close to a thousand new residents and their vehicles. A truly “walkable neighborhood” will certainly follow as vehicle gridlock will surround Cameron Village. As a longtime resident of the Cameron Village area, I welcome our new neighbors. It’s a great place to live. Just remember to pack your walking shoes.

William Gray


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