Laura Crumpler: ‘Feedings’ a dehumanizing term

September 27, 2013 

‘Feedings’ a dehumanizing term

Am I the only person who is offended by the use of the word “feedings” to refer to providing meals to the hungry and homeless in Moore Square? Every time I see or hear it, I think of a zoo or perhaps the pigeons at the Capitol. It is a demeaning and dehumanizing term to use with respect to our fellow residents who simply need our help and compassion.

I was especially disheartened and angry to see your newspaper use the term in the Sept. 26 news article “Feedings caused earlier alarm.” It is sad enough that our fellow humans need meals due to a society that no longer provides jobs or benefits. It is sickening when we reduce these same humans to something less than human by our choice of words.

Laura Crumpler


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