Peter Aitken: GOP hurting N.C.

September 29, 2013 

GOP hurting N.C.

The writer of the Sept. 27 letter “ ‘Truth’ and liberals” asked when The News & Observer and liberals would stop whining about almost everything that Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republican legislators do.

The answer is, when they stop doing so many vile and idiotic things, things that almost without exception harm North Carolina as a whole and our children and less fortunate residents in particular. As for them doing what they were elected to do, that is plain and simply false.

I challenge anyone to show me one elected state-level Republican who campaigned on a promise to increase class sizes, deny health insurance to many poor folks, interfere in local governmental affairs, ignore science, cut off unemployment benefits, fire teaching assistants, replace professional employees with political appointees across much of state government, make it more difficult for hundreds of thousands of legitimate voters to cast their ballots, give high-paying state jobs to political cronies and personal friends, and gerrymander the state so egregiously that the basic principle of majority rule is threatened.

The state is being dragged down the toilet by the current government, and it is the duty of responsible citizens and newspapers to point this out.

Peter Aitken, Chapel Hill

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