Jim Fulghum: Truth trumps hyperbole

September 30, 2013 

Truth trumps hyperbole

The Sept. 27 Point of View piece “Plea deal on protest? No, thanks” by UNC School of Medicine professor Charles van der Horst accused Republican leaders and their “henchmen,” including yours truly, of being nutty, cruel and in favor of increasing birth defects and infant mortality.

All this from a physician who claims to have arrived at this moral high ground as a result of an “oath” taken upon graduation from Harvard Medical school in 1979. Curiously, graduates of Harvard Medical School since the 1970s have made up their own “oath” – not the historic and widely used Hippocratic version, the same as my wife and I took at UNC School of Medicine upon graduation in 1971.

To claim that I and my fellow lawmakers will be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of North Carolinians is slanderous. All professions expect an adherence to the truth and, as regards the practice of medicine, to better serve the interests of the patient.

Hyperbole, purposeful distortion and demagoguery reflect poorly upon the institution and the honorable profession van der Horst claims to represent.

State Rep. Jim Fulghum


The writer, a Republican, represents N.C. District 49.

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