Sue McCaughan: DENR afraid of truth?

September 30, 2013 

Afraid of truth?

Regarding the Sept. 26 editorial “Grants tossed”: What do they fear? I was horrified by the news that DENR has refused two federal grants, totaling about $600,000, which would have funded studies designed to protect our waters in two areas of our state from possible ruin by industries seeking to operate in ways that could damage water sources permanently.

North Carolina’s residents are being told daily that our budget cannot bear the costs of supporting our teachers and schools sufficiently. And yet it seems the DENR is flush enough to refuse this financial aid and simply handle the research “in house.”

I wonder what DENR fears in the possibility of allowing an independent body, which is chiefly concerned in protecting a state’s environment and natural resources (and not under the control of our legislature) to provide studies and assistance in maintaining our state’s safety and beauty.

Is DENR afraid of what an independent study will reveal?

Sue McCaughan


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