Google Glass tour to launch in Durham

Posted by Matthew Fortner on October 3, 2013 

Google is launching a nationwide tour for its wearable computer Glass.

In case you've been in a technology news blackout, Google Glass is a hands-free device in the form of a titanium eyeglass frame with a transparent display screen above the right eye. The device performs searches, video calls, photo sharing and other on-the-go tasks.

Google Glass is not available to consumers, but a few of the curious will get a closer look at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham in the first event of a national tour held .

Hoping to get a look yourself? The event is full. Registration for the open house closed once capacity was reached, but look for the hashtag #durhamthroughglass on Twitter and Instagram 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

Public attitude over Google Glass has been divided, but it represents the largest push in personal technology since the smartphone.

Watch for a hands-on report from our very own Andy Kenney, @KenneyNC.

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