Randall K. Stagner: The rest of the record

October 3, 2013 

The rest of the record

Regarding your Sept. 27 Raleigh City Council endorsements: While I appreciate the rigorous process the News & Observer uses to determine its endorsements, the selection of all of the City Council incumbents except one is stunning given the rationale presented for that decision. I was only one of six votes not to renew the city manager’s contract, and yet you endorsed the other five members of the council who voted the same way.

You also indicated that I initiated the discussion not to renew his contract. Let me be clear: I joined a conversation. I didn’t start it. I bring this up only because it is the only part of my record that seemed important to you. My two years of dedicated service to my constituents in North Raleigh mattered little in your determination. Even cursory comparisons of basic items of record like council/commission achievement, platform or even attendance were discounted over one item and one item only.

I have a record of achievement second to none on the council, and I hold the best attendance of anyone. My opponent cannot say the same about his record on the Appearance Commission. Am I perfect? Of course not, but I am the man in the arena – to borrow Theodore Roosevelt’s quote. When I make a mistake, I raise my hand and move on. As a commander of Army Special Operations soldiers, I would tell my subordinate commanders that if they never made a mistake then they were not maximizing their potential. I’ve learned from this situation and moved on. Perhaps the N&O could do the same and speak to the rest of my record as a part of a great City Council team.

Randall (Randy) K. Stagner

Councilman, District A


The length limit was waived to permit a fuller response to the editorial.

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