Marcus Albernaz: Give Wos a chance

October 3, 2013 

Wos’ good work

We live in a time in which we must address significant problems in health care delivery. We, a group of bipartisan health care professionals, volunteered our time with Gov. Pat McCrory’s health care transition team. We wish to voice our mutual support for Dr. Aldona Wos, one of our fellow task force members, as she works with the public servants in Raleigh.

The perfect storm of a depressed economy in our state, health care delivery reform out of Washington and the implementation of the first new information system for Medicaid since 1982 have led to Wos taking the reins of the Department of Health and Human Services during a critically important and difficult transition period. The same hard work she expended as part of the transition team, her experience as a physician working with AIDS and hospice patients and her continued dedication to public service will serve the state well.

Turning down the public rhetoric and turning up a more focused effort to solve problems together would serve us all far better.

Randall Williams, M.D.


Marcus Albernaz, M.D.


This letter was co-signed by six other health care professionals.

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