Barbara J. Harris: Health care roulette

October 3, 2013 

Insurance roulette

I was very happy to read in the Oct. 2 news story “Health law praised, panned in N.C.” that Dawud Montague, 33, and his wife are healthy. But that he thinks it means he doesn’t need health insurance is a sign of an incredible lack of foresight that affects young people.

My own son is a perfect example. At about the same age as Montague, he left a job that provided health insurance. When we talked about it, he said he didn’t need it because he was young, healthy and single. I demurred and asked what would happen if he needed his appendix taken out. In New York City, that’s over $15,000. Finally, we agreed, and I bought health insurance for him. Within a year he had torn his shoulder and needed surgery. Some years after that, he went skiing and tore a ligament in his knee. That required major surgery.

So unless Montague and his wife never slip in the bathroom, plan to stay home so they are never in a car accident and do no physical activity that could lead to getting hurt, they need health insurance unless they are willing to go into debt when something happens.

Barbara J. Harris

Chapel Hill

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