Louis Merlin: We have to get along, so should Congress

October 3, 2013 

Just get along

The shutdown of our federal government by congressional Republicans is nothing short of ridiculous. This harms millions of federal employees who have done nothing wrong. It threatens our systems of protection for health and safety. It stymies the flow of research funding going to create the discoveries that would fuel future progress.

Most working Americans have to do their jobs whether they like the particular circumstances or not. We have to work with people we disagree with or may even dislike. But most of us put a priority on getting the job done over our egos or our grievances. That’s the same behavior we expect from our elected representatives. We expect them to do the basic functions of their job – pass a budget and work together on a bipartisan basis to make some kind of reasonable progress on the economy, immigration, education, transportation, agriculture, etc.

Members of Congress need to get back to work and do their jobs like the rest of us. Really, we are not so interested in the political theater as they may imagine.

Louis Merlin

Chapel Hill

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