Patrick Bria: Expensive hike

October 4, 2013 

Expensive hike

The mail came today. Blue Cross sent me a notice of my health insurance premium for 2014. My $552 monthly premium will be only $1,397, a mere $10,140 annual increase. This plan has an $11,000 deductible so once I spend $27,764 my insurance will kick in. Yippee!

There is good news. My family’s plan has ACA-required benefits like maternity care (we are past child-bearing years) and mental health and substance abuse coverage (we don’t drink or do drugs although the leadership vacuum in the White House could drive us to mental illness).

Ironically, I chose this year to start a new business. During the launching process, my wife constantly asked me, “Do you really want to start a business while Obama is president?” In my dismissive way, I pointed out that “our” president said that he was interested in growing the economy and creating jobs. Now I feel as stupid as the voting public.

I want to thank Obama that I am able to “keep the plan I had before” for a mere $10,000 per year. Oh, and a shout-out to Sen. Richard Burr and the Dempublicans for showing some spine in the defunding debate.

Patrick Bria, Durham

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