Stu Grossman: The ‘broken legacy’

October 4, 2013 

The ‘broken legacy’

I read the Sept. 30 editorial “Don’t be scared of Obamacare.” Give it a chance, you said. Life will be good. Follow the yellow brick road. Drink the Kool-Aid.

Perhaps mine is the only monthly health insurance bill that is rising 60-plus percent per month (to $1,100 per month). Family of four here; 55 years old here. And, by the way, let go by a Fortune 500 company 18 months ago and turned down the grocery bagging opportunity.

Yes, I understand the ACA subsidy thing. But you know what? My family worked hard. Saved hard. Invested hard. We won’t qualify. ACA? Affordable? Well, maybe. But way less affordable than the “broken legacy.”

Stu Grossman, Raleigh

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