Alan Liverance: ACA horror story

October 4, 2013 

One horror story

Regarding your Sept. 30 editorial: Don’t be scared of Obamacare? I’m terrified! I can use only myself as an example, but here are my facts: I am a healthy 60-plus adult on a fixed pension, working part-time to help make ends meet until I qualify for Social Security. I visit the doctor once a year for a physical, total cost of about $150. As a result, I have a high-deductible HSA health plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.C. and currently have a monthly premium of $110 per month.

Recently I received a letter indicating my plan would not be available under Obamacare, and I was being placed on the bronze level plan. New monthly premium: $570.06 – a five-fold increase! So my annual cost, for a plan I do not need nor will I use skyrockets 500 percent. I do not qualify for any subsidy.

Wake up, News & Observer (and by extension, the Democratic Party). Now that we know what’s in the bill, we don’t want it! Shut down the government, and the president should stop lying to the American people.

Alan Liverance, Raleigh

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