Bob Merriam: The Model T of health care

October 4, 2013 

Obama’s Model T

The thing stunk outta the rear, broke some arms tryin’ to crank it, was noisy as a bobcat and cost way too much. Henry Ford’s new gadget wasn’t much to look at, neither. Bad as it was, though, it had two things goin’ fer it: Sure was useful for gitten around, and it proved tuh be the lead hoss in goin’ forward.

Obamacare is like that first Model T: more working parts than an aircraft carrier and as about as understandable as any 2,000-page legal document. Bad as it might look, though, it has two things going for it: It does for Americans what we all know is a good thing (if we can afford it) and definitely is the lead hoss in efforts to get affordable health care.

Obamacare is to U.S. health care what the Model T was to the automobile industry: a platform on which automotive science and engineering would work their magical evolution. It is the platform on which things that work will be kept or invented and on which things that don’t, or are too expensive, will be rejected. Getting started was the hardest. We need to start the program evolution now.

Bob Merriam, Chapel Hill

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