John H. Ruocchio: Lots to fear

October 4, 2013 

Lots to fear

Thank you for the Sept. 30 editorial “Don’t be scared about Obamacare.” You are right – we have nothing to fear about a bill that the Speaker of the House said we “needed to pass to know what was in it.” Nothing to fear about a bill that could not pass the Senate under ordinary rules but was forced through under budget reconciliation. Nothing to fear about a bill that passed on partisan lines without hearings or markups. Nothing to fear about a bill that a Democratic senator called a “train wreck.” There is nothing to worry about when Congress, friends of the president, like-minded groups and businesses get waivers, subsidies and special treatment while average Americans must deal with the law as written. There is nothing to fear when employers reduce full-time employees to part-time, when premiums go up and doctors decide to leave the practice. There is nothing to fear here.

To paraphrase FDR, “We have nothing to fear but the facts themselves.”

John H. Ruocchio, Raleigh

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