Joseph R. Short: Non-exclusive club

October 4, 2013 

Non-exclusive club

I found your Sept. 30 editorial “Don’t be scared of Obamacare” to be quite alarming. Your carefree attitude suggesting that people should not worry because it will work itself out reminded me of when Nancy Pelosi said “just pass the bill, and than you’ll find out what’s in it.”

How come you didn’t mention that President Obama has exempted our privileged senators and representatives from the health care law? How come you don’t find it worrisome that Richard Trumpka and Jimmy Hoffa, heads of the largest unions in the United States, have asked Obama to exempt their union members from this law?

I guess I must sound like one of those crazy tea partyers, but I am a little skeptical as a citizen when my leaders are forcing me to join a club that they don’t have to belong to. By CBO estimates, this great health care bill will be 400 percent costlier than what was estimated.

Joseph R. Short, Cary

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