Debby Wechsler: Grateful for ACA

October 4, 2013 

Grateful for ACA

I have seen much negative opinion about the Affordable Care Act, but I am profoundly grateful and thrilled to see this program go into effect. Of the five young adult and teenage cousins in my family, one of my sons and two of his cousins have serious, life-long chronic illnesses. They have developed these conditions through no fault of their own.

Without the Affordable Care Act, the uncertainty and economics of their health care would be an overwhelming burden for them as they start their careers. Their work choices would have to be determined almost completely by the necessity of having employment that provided and sustained health insurance.

These are bright, accomplished and creative young adults and teenagers with their whole lives ahead of them and much to give. Now, with the Affordable Care Act, they have the possibility of living normal lives and truly living up to their potential. The alternative is an unthinkable waste of lives.

Debby Wechsler


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