Stephen Graham: Civil service needed

October 4, 2013 

Civil service needed

As a result of this unnecessary congressional spat and government shutdown, morale for protecting the public as a civil servant has perhaps sunk to a new low. Three years of pay freezes, furloughed without pay last year and this year, though quite possibly the most hurtful, we are misunderstood by much of the public we serve.

As a lover of nature, I can appreciate when a national park is open or closed, but government employees contribute much more to improving the quality of life than public parks. We are educated and sensible members of the community who work for residents, having their best interests in mind, whether as a scientist, secretary, optometrist, dispatcher, etc. We shop in the community, pay taxes, have homes and families. We volunteer at schools, educate children and share the pride of being a public servant.

Congress needs to legislate with more thought about the public it serves and do so with less posturing and self aggrandizement. And get us back to work!

Stephen Graham


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