Punter Brad Nortman

October 5, 2013 


Panthers punter Brad Nortman isn’t on Twitter, but his alter ego is. Brad Nortmanisms are shared with the world by Panthers kicker Graham Gano because they are “so incredibly clever and entertaining.”

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10 questions about life away from football:

Q. Who started the Brad Nortmanisms Twitter account and why?

A. Graham Gano, because the stuff I say is so incredibly clever and entertaining they just had to document it and give it to the general public.

Q. I see Graham is laughing at you.

A. That’s a Brad Nortmanism in itself. That’s probably going to get posted.

Q. Are you even on Twitter?

A. Only through Brad Nortmanisms. I used to be but I don’t know, it posed as a little bit of a distraction so it was easier to go on without it. I don’t do too much social media in general.

Q. Have you ever Googled yourself?

A. Every once in a while. Interesting stuff comes up.

Q. What’s the most interesting thing that came up?

A. There are always some interesting pictures like from high school when I was in my awkward stages. A couple of pictures of just excitement or just a touchdown that got sent to the house and me trying to chase a guy. But then there are good pictures of me punting the ball.

Q. Have you ever been on SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays?

A. No. Not Top 10. I’ve been in a couple of highlights because I had a couple fake punts at Wisconsin.

Q. What was one of the fake punts?

A. We played Iowa my junior year and there were five minutes to go and we were down four points and the drive stalled. We had the ball at the 25-yard line. Called a fake punt where I ran it right up the middle and got 17 yards.

Q. Did you slide?

A. I did slide. It was a rather awkward slide. First slide of my life so naturally it wasn’t graceful.

Q. So you didn’t slide like you were going into second base?

A. No, that’s the problem. There’s open field and nothing but green and I can see the backs of everybody because they’re in punt return mode, and all of sudden they catch on so they turn around and converge on me and I kind of ducked back first like I was going to do a barrel roll and slid on my back.

Q. What shoes does a punter wear on a Friday night out?

A. I definitely have come to enjoy comfortable shoes more and more because kicking shoes are so tight on your foot that when you take them off it’s so much more enjoyable. On a Friday night if I’m hanging out around the house it’s sandals or barefoot but if I’m going out it’s probably something like Sperry’s.

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