Larisa Gilmore: Use year-round tracks

October 5, 2013 

Unused tracks

I consider myself to be a veteran of year-round education. Having taught at a year-round middle school for the past 14 years, I have been able to work on all four tracks, experiencing first-hand the changes that have happened to our school system.

As I recently listened to a representative from Wake County discuss the upcoming bond issue, I couldn’t help but to wonder about projected growth within the county and the need for seats in the upcoming years. At my current school, I am teaching on a two-person team on Track 2. On all grade levels, our Track 2 teams are sitting well below capacity. There are even class sizes in the low teens.

If the Wake County school board wants to begin addressing student growth, it should examine the reasons why we are not currently using all tracks at year-round schools. If the bond issue fails, there may be a need to revisit year-round education as the space-saving system that it was designed to be.

WCPSS needs to take a step in the right direction by restoring Track 2 to healthy numbers, and I encourage parents to explore the quality education that Track 2 has to offer.

Larisa Gilmore


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