Ronald Tyler: A PFC’s pay and ‘position’

October 5, 2013 

A PFC’s ‘position’

My son is stationed at Fort Hood, and his mother and I are in Texas visiting him. I’m seeing firsthand the effects of this government shutdown.

Soldiers cannot get basic services because civilians are furloughed. Soldiers cannot even get groceries on post because the commissary is closed. Now my son has been informed that he may not be paid, but he is expected to keep working as he prepares for his second deployment to Afghanistan.

These young soldiers made a commitment to our country, and our country’s leadership is failing them. Miserably.

I see that some members of the House and Senate are donating their paychecks. That’s not only admirable but the fair thing to do. Both senators from North Carolina are keeping their salaries. They should be ashamed. I also read Renee Ellmers’ comment about how that’s commendable but she’s “not in a position” to do that.

Does she honestly think a young PFC with a wife and child is “in a position” to do this? He doesn’t have a choice! He has to go to Walmart and buy groceries he can’t afford. What’s going to happen to him next week when he doesn’t get paid? He’s not going to be “in a position” to provide for his family.

Ronald Tyler, Raleigh

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