Art Pope: The voters spoke

October 5, 2013 

The voters spoke

Nick Nyhart, in his Oct. 4 Point of View piece “Flood of campaign money drowns voices,” was mistaken when he wrote, “After the Supreme Court decided the Citizens United case in 2010 and allowed corporations to contribute unlimited amounts to super PACs, millionaire Art Pope pumped money into super PACs and nonprofits he controlled.” I and my company have never given money to super PACs, and none of the organizations I worked with in 2010 did any election campaigning under Citizens United.

If there was any “flood of campaign money” in 2010 in North Carolina, it came from the N.C. Democratic Party and its candidates, who spent over $15 million on their legislative campaigns, millions more than the Republican Party. Even so, over 59 percent of the people voted to elect Republicans to our state legislature in 2010.

It was the voters, not Citizens United, who changed the face of North Carolina government. No matter how many times the progressive left repeats its lies about North Carolina, it is not going to change the truth.

Art Pope


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