National Merit Scholarship semifinalists announced

October 6, 2013 

The National Merit Scholarship program has named its semifinalists for the 2014 competition.

The high school seniors were chosen as semifinalists on the basis of their scores on the 2012 PSAT. They can go on to compete for National Merit Scholarships that together are worth more than $35 million next spring.

To become a finalist, a semifinalist must have an outstanding academic record throughout high school, be endorsed by officials from his or her high school, earn SAT scores that are on par with his or her PSAT performance and submit an application that includes an essay and list of leadership and community activities.

Here are the National Merit Scholarship semifinalists from Orange, Durham and other Triangle counties. (Wake County semifinalists were listed on last week’s Thumbs Up page and can be found at


Carrboro High School: Anna L. Broome, Eleanor K. Costley, Maura L. Jones, Thurgood Lynn


Chapel Hill High School: Natalie H. Bulik-Sullivan, Yuqing Chen, Marlow M. Durbin, Anna Li, Katherine A. Mimmack, Nina E. Muller, Juno Park, Stephanie A. Peres-da-Silva, Jeffrey R. Perkins, Evan N. Rose, Stefan N. Steiner, Shyam Vasudevan, Xiao-Song Wang, Samuel B. Williams, Julian R. Wilson

East Chapel Hill High School: Laura M. Bevington, Jerry Chang, William E. Collins, Kathy Z. Dai, Sara M. Edelman-Munoz, Sarah C. Fordham, Riley B. Foster, Benjamin R. Goldstein, Avishai S. Halev, George J. Hito, Cole D. Jenson, Alexander M. LaBranche, Vincent H. Lai, Zachary J. Lee, Sicong Liu, Helen A. Lo, Jason Mao, Hongqian Niu, Ballard Robinett, Leigha H. Vilen, Sarah J. Wright, Emily Wu, Michelle Xia, Michael Zhou

Emerson Waldorf High School: Oliver A. Child-Lanning

Woods Charter School: Claire K. Day, Sarah V. Tracy


Carolina Friends School: Abraham S. Eichner, Kyle L. McConaughey

Durham Academy: Kyle M. Bushick, David J. Pierce, Rasika R. Ramanan, Rahul Sharma, Ambika Viswanathan, Catherine D. Yang

Jordan High School: Alana N. Harris, Andrew C. Kelly, Benjamin D. Krupa, William R. Morgenlander

N.C. School of Science and Mathematics: Jackson H. Allen, John H. Bell, Adam N. Beyer, Katrina L. Bootes, Jacob A. Bringewatt, Lin Cao, Mallory L. Carnes, Ciera E. Cipriani, Samuel P. DeHority, Karia Dibert, Mengmeng T. Fang, Catherine M. Farmer, Anne Y. Feng, Zijing Gao, Laura H. Goodman, Shouri V. Gottiparthi, Charles M. Hicks, Matias H. Horst, Brooke R. Huang, Kavirath Jain, Tian-Shun A. Jiang, Saurin A. Kantesaria, Bradley J. King, Matthew A. Kornberg, Nguyen P. Le, Jessica B. Lee, Yvonne Y. Lei, Alexander Letica, Mengyao Li, Steven Liao, Hong-Sheng Lu, Sammy Y. Luo, Jonathan C. Marquardt, Hannah L. McShea, Margaret Z. Pan, Niraja N. Pancholy, Elisabeth E. Parker, Vivek A. Pisharody, Zachary T. Polizzi, Sahana Raghunathan, Jenna E. Reynolds, Kanan Shah, Nirmala K. Shivakumar, Urvi Sinha, Holly E. Slang, Hannah B. Sloan, Abigail M. Smith, Lucy C. Su, Anshul V. Subramanya, Jessica G. Sullivan, Parth C. Thakker, Margaret M. Tian, Maxwell R. Tucker, Evelyn A. Webb, Stuart A. Wells, Simon N. Wolf, Teddy Wong, Caroline E. Wright, Jennifer B. Wu, Wanlin Xie, Muhan Xu, Stephen C. Yang, Julia Yu, Christopher Q. Yuan, Yi Zeng, Jeffrey M. Zhang, Michelle Z. Zhao, Christopher H. Zhen, Xinyi Zhu

Riverside High School: Hannah E. Glisson

Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill: Elena R. Kovalik


South Johnston High School: Julia C. Minton

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