Roman Matuszewski: Common Core disbeliefs

October 7, 2013 

Common Core propaganda

For years I’ve lamented the declining state of public education, so much so that there were times when my family struggled to pay Catholic school tuition for our children. Understanding that some families had no alternative but to enroll their children in public school, I imagined that such an education was better than no education.

North Carolina’s adoption of the Common Core curriculum, however, has forced me to withdraw what little support I had for public schools and to vote against any school bonds. Common Core curriculum, an agenda full of deceptive tactics and fraudulent ideas, is nothing less than the official debut of Marxist indoctrination into our schools. Latin, logic, classic novels and Western civilization will all be watered down, casually dismissed or eliminated and replaced with anti-American revisionism and Oprah’s reading list. Diversified thinking, development of theses based on logic and classroom discussions focused on facts, not feelings, will disappear.

Why do I have this opinion of Common Core? Because I was educated in Poland during the Cold War Era, and I know propaganda-based education that seeks to create cookie-cutter residents when I see it.

Roman Matuszewski, Knightdale

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