Carol Conway: Protester can’t pay more

October 8, 2013 

Paying protester

Regarding Marc Landry’s Oct. 2 column “Protesters should pay the price”: News flash: The court won’t let me. I accepted the Moral Monday “sweet deal” and am paying the $180 in court costs, but apparently they can’t accept my offer to round it up to an even $200. I truly appreciated the kind and professional behavior of Wake County’s detention center officers but apparently tipping’s not allowed.

The $180 is merely 10 percent of what the governor and legislature are gifting me in the form of lower state income taxes in 2013 since I’m moderately rich. So I’ve decided to gift the NAACP of North Carolina a big chunk of that new pocket change that I neither wanted nor earned.

Another news flash: I joined Moral Monday because I had no other choice. Rev. William Barber was the only man standing. I then became a huge fan of his, and I expect Pope Francis would bless him, too.

Final news flash: Landry obviously knows squat about the ancient Greek origins of modern democracy, not to mention the history of Jim Crow.

Carol Conway, Chapel Hill

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