Don Wildman: Legal v. moral

October 8, 2013 

Legal v. moral

In his Oct. 2 column “Protesters should pay the price,” Marc Landry took wrongheadedness to a new low. In criticizing the Moral Monday protesters for their civil disobedience, Landry faulted the mouse while ignoring the elephant.

He tried to support his misguided argument with the logical fallacy of either-or reasoning: “Switzerland or Iraq.” With a little more effort, he might consider a third choice: the right one.

With their immoral conspiracy to suppress the vote, Thom Tillis, Phil Berger and Pat McCrory are a shameful triumvirate that has humiliated North Carolina in front of the nation. Landry winks at their dishonesty: “It’s called politics.”

Landry made the punctilious point that the protesters’ defiance was illegal. But he is failing to distinguish between what is legal and what is right. In its time, slavery was legal. In its time, segregation was legal. In our time, at least in North Carolina, voter suppression is legal. But it’s wrong.

Landry’s pettifogging complaint attempts to shift the blame from a profound misfeasance by Republican state leaders to a minor infraction by residents protesting it. All moral North Carolinians should oppose the new voter-suppression law by all honorable American means – including civil disobedience.

Don Wildman, Cary

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