Barton and Sharon Holtz: No compromising

October 10, 2013 

No compromising

The writer of the Oct. 6 letter “Obama’s high horse” said President Obama should “get down from his high horse” and have a casual one-on-one with members on the other side of the aisle like Presidents Jefferson and Eisenhower did. The problem with that is that the Republican Party has no leadership or unified voice.

House Speaker John Boehner appears to have no ability to steer the House in any direction except that which a minority of its Republican members demand. How does President Obama negotiate with a party that is so fractured that there is no compromise even among its own members?

In the past, Congress and the president could work together because the health and well-being of our country trumped partisan politics. No more. Today it’s my way or the highway.

We wish someone could explain how the extreme right-leaning tea party has gained a stranglehold over the Republican majority. Think about where this great country would be today if our current Congress was in power in 1776. You can bet that we would be speaking the King’s English today.

Barton and Sharon Holtz, Pittsboro

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