Use scrapbooks to display photos from homecoming events

sandigenovese.comOctober 11, 2013 

If you have kids in high school or college who rarely dress up, don’t miss the opportunity to get lots of photos of them at the homecoming dance.


The homecoming dance is one of the biggest celebrations of the school football season, and it presents the perfect opportunity to take lots of photos of your kids dressed in something other than jeans and T-shirts.

But don’t leave your photos stranded in your computer or on the memory card in your camera. Print them and show them off in a custom scrapbook made just for this special event.

Begin with multiple pages that are the same width but graduated in length. Add interest to the composition by cutting the end of each page in a decorative pattern such as scallops or brackets. Punch holes along the left edge and bind the pages with metal rings or plastic bird-leg bands.

If you really want to highlight the decorative edge of the pages, cut them out of different colors and multiple patterned papers. I like to add some truly personal touches, like the sheet music of the couple’s favorite song, as the background for one of the pages.

Once you have the basic construction of the scrapbook, it’s a simple task to add photos, journaling and themed embellishments to the pages.

If you prefer to create 12-by-12-inch scrapbook pages for inclusion in a larger photo album, simply reorient the pages of the mini-book from a horizontal composition to a vertical one. Replace the binding rings with folded pages and attach the vertical booklet to the larger 12-by-12-inch page.

If you have kids in high school or college, I’m guessing it’s pretty rare to see them all dressed up. So don’t squander the opportunity. Take lots of photos and save them in a custom-made scrapbook, personalized by you. I guarantee that your kids will pull out their books and enjoy them again and again in the years to come. Think of it as a paper touchdown.

Sandi Genovese at sandigenovese.com

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