Rep. 'Skip' Stam endorses NC House Speaker Thom Tillis for Senate

Posted by Craig Jarvis on October 11, 2013 


Rep. Paul Stam (R - Apex) debates a bill on the floor of the House.


House Speaker Thom Tillis on Friday announced endorsements of his U.S. Senate campaign by several Republican members of his caucus.

He singled out Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam of Apex as an endorsement that he was “especially honored” to have. After the 2010 elections, the GOP caucus in the House was closely split between choosing Tillis or Stam as their new speaker.

“His leadership has been instrumental in helping advance many conservative causes in North Carolina,” Tillis is quoted as saying in a news release that came out Friday.

Tillis also announced endorsements from Wake County representatives Marilyn Avila, Nelson Dollar, Jim Fulghum, Chris Malone and Tom Murry; and Mecklenburg County representatives Bill Brawley, Rob Bryan, Charles Jeter, Ruth Samuelson and Jacqueline Schaffer.

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