Betty Buller Whitehead: Behind the numbers

October 12, 2013 

Behind the numbers

It was disturbing to read the number of letters to the editor Oct. 5 regarding the Affordable Care Act from people who have seen their insurance premiums dramatically raised by their insurance carriers (primarily BCBS). However, what is more disturbing is the lack of reporting from The News & Observer explaining why this has happened in North Carolina at the same time people in many other states are overjoyed to discover that, not only can they finally find health insurance, it also is extremely affordable.

N.C. Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has been happy to explain it: Thank the GOP in N.C. for rejecting the expansion of Medicaid, refusing to set up a state exchange to sell insurance and also passing a law that forbids the Department of Insurance from helping citizens to understand the ACA and recruit insurance carriers to a state exchange that would result in increased competition (and lower rates).

I’m sure the Republicans are snickering all the way to the bank on this. Surely the irony has not escaped them: Blame it on Obamacare and watch profits rise.

Betty Buller Whitehead

Chapel Hill

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