Keith F. Larson: Leave feds out of health care

October 12, 2013 

Regarding Ned Barnett’s Oct. 6 column “Cost of obstinance on Obamacare”: He referenced Republican influence as the primary reason our great state is having difficulty implementing this program.

The constituents who voted for the Republican governor did so because we were tired of the corrupt policies of our former “governors” – Democrats who adopted the philosophy that the middle class can afford to finance their families as well as other families who choose to accept the benefits the government has to offer instead of working hard.

Recently, we received our new “health care” premium notice. Our policy premiums have more than doubled, and we will be required to pay over $1,350 per month for me and my wife. Please keep in mind we are responsible for $12,000 out of pocket before the insurance picks up and pays 60 percent of remaining costs.

This basically is catastrophic insurance, which we cannot afford. So perhaps the problem exists in Washington with the federal government’s getting involved in areas best left for us citizens to choose or reject.

Keith F. Larson, Raleigh

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