A jump on autumn

October 12, 2013 

No matter the weather, coastal folks understand with certainty when autumn has arrived. The word spreads. A growing whisper speaks of approaching “mullet blows,” when the silvery splashing of jumping fish indicates a sure sign that cooling weather is about to send its frosty signal that another season is moving in.

Immature mullet winter in inland streams and can occasionally be observed in the sounds throughout the summer. Being vegetarians, they refuse temptation offered by baited hook.

A favorite flavorful fish, they are not easily available until the autumnal days, when the shifting winds of approaching winter take command and signal to the fish that it’s time to gather en masse along the ocean’s shore and migrate south.

These are the pleasant days that invite the gathering of friends along a sandy seashore to listen to the water lapping the beaches and to the soft murmurings of seabirds. When autumnal sunsets are painting pink and violet skies and flickering flames of a driftwood fire are roasting mullet while friends banter cheerfully beneath darkening shadows and awakening stars, the jumping mullet shines.

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