David Martin: Ransom amnesia

October 13, 2013 

The Democrats and media have been using the world “ransom” lately. It is pretty clear they have ransomed financial prudence for decades.

The Senate passed no budget for four years. Jobs were driven from this country due to taxes and regulations. Government is more bloated than ever with huge organizations with limited return and more are funding people’s jobs.

For decades Democrats have been the party of exceeding budget and instilling mediocrity in the masses. Recently, debt has grown significantly faster under Democrats, and they have now created another huge bureaucracy called Obamacare and to be run by the IRS.

We have been ransoming the budgets on a daily basis for decades. Republicans have debt fault chasing profits (and jobs) with overseas cheap labor, a humongous military, prolonged wars and their need to accept Obamacare. However, Democrats need to act on the spending.

Would anyone personally carry debt over seven times his income? The U.S. is.

David Martin


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