Police mum on motives for looking for anarchists

October 13, 2013 

J. Edgar Weaver, chief of the General Assembly Police, er, make that Chief Jeff Weaver said recently that his 18-officer department was scoping the Moral Monday crowds from the last session of the General Assembly for “anarchists.”

Anarchists? Really? Thousands of pictures of the protesters, over 900 of whom were arrested, showed most to be fairly clean-cut, upstanding citizens who were at the General Assembly to protest the march to the 1950s being led by Republicans in the state House and Senate.

Weaver said he wouldn’t identify any anarchists that his guys spotted nor would he elaborate on the intelligence his officers gathered. He also wouldn’t comment on how it was that his officers knew who some of the likely anarchists were because of help from the Raleigh Police Department.

For her part, Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown indicated her officers hadn’t been in the intelligence gathering business. And, she said, the NAACP, which led the protests, had an amicable relationship with the police. In other words, Chief Deck-Brown seemed to disagree with Weaver. But we’ll keep an eye out on coming Mondays.

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