NC law on gun silencers creates concerns for law enforcement

October 13, 2013 

Among the foolish changes to North Carolina’s gun regulations passed by the General Assembly were the easings of restrictions on where people could carry weapons and one that sort of slipped through with little debate. That was the provision allowing gun silencers.

Consider what one critic of the law said: Hikers and, for that matter, other hunters might be in jeopardy if they were walking in the woods where hunting was allowed and couldn’t hear the sound of gunfire. That sound lets others in the woods know where hunters are.

Advocates of the law counter that many hunters develop hearing difficulties, something silencers would help prevent. True enough. But certainly there are new technologies being developed to address the problem.

This seems to be a case, a pretty clear-cut case, where silencers put more risk for other hunters and hikers or bird-watchers into the gun mix. The sensible choice, then, is to ban silencers once again in the name of the greater public good. The gun lobby got most everything it wanted from the legislature. It should not have gotten this.

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