Samantha Kiley: Wood pellet industry bad for N.C.

October 14, 2013 

Your Oct. 1 news article “2 ports will ship wood pellets” about the expansion of the port of Morehead City to serve the booming wood pellet industry brings up a huge concern about yet another company chopping down North Carolina’s trees and smashing them into pellets.

Trees take only a minute to knock down but a long time to grow. So the math simply won’t work if we continue to allow this wood pellet industry to expand unchecked. Corporations like Enviva and International Woodfuels claim they are replacing the trees at the same rate they are taking them. Exponential growth of the industry and expanding ports tell us this can’t be true.

Andrew George made that case in his Sept. 25 “Trees not trash; pellets not ‘green’ ” Point of View. We’re a bunch of fools if we don’t realize that the bigger this industry grows the more bare North Carolina is going to become.

Samantha Kiley


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