Doug Melton: A fair budget

October 14, 2013 

It’s important, as the government shutdown continues, to realize what it is really about and who’s causing it. This shutdown is about a faction of well-funded politicians (calling themselves tea party Republicans) whose intent is to shrink government, taxation (revenue) and spending (entitlements), to nonexistence, regardless of the effect it has on the people it serves.

Core Republicans have lost control of their party. They are afraid of losing their jobs by the backers of the tea party. That’s their problem; it shouldn’t be ours.

As a moderate, progressive Democrat, I understand the frustrations citizens have with out-of-control spending in Washington. By the way, Republicans spend just as much as Democrats when they have control. Most all of us feel our federal government should live within a budget, just as we do. Nowhere, in our Constitution does it require it to do so.

The real fight should be the insistence of a balanced budget amendment, requiring our government to live within the parameters of frugal taxation and spending. This doesn’t mean cutting entitlements to the bone or overtaxing certain segments of our citizens into poverty. It means having fair, balanced sources of income with strict guidelines on how those taxes are spent.

Doug Melton


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