Area high school football leaders

October 14, 2013 

Wake Forest junior running back Bryce Love leads all area high school rushers with more than 10 yards per carry.

Love has rushed for 1,088 yards on just 85 carries, averaging 12.8 yards per attempt in the Cougars’ Wing-T attack. He is averaging one touchdown for every six carries.

Garner’s Nyheim Hines leads all rushers with 1,797 yards. He has almost 100 more carries than Love with 186 attempts and averages 9.7 yards per carry. Hines has 28 rushing touchdowns and averages one touchdown for every 6.6 carries.

Durham Riverside’s Joel Evans and Princeton’s Johnny Frasier also average more than 9.0 yards per carry.

Rushing per game

N.Hines GAR8179728224.6
S.Bowman SGR7152812218.3
J.Evans RIV7131615188.0
J. FrasierPRI7119812171.1
B.Love WFO7108814155.4
I.Martin CLE7103818148.3
T.Staten HLY798114140.1
J.Styles SAN78984128.3
Da.Williams FUQ78968128.0
D.Rhem EWK78479121.0
D.McClain PAN784513120.7

Rushing per carry

(800-yard minimum)

B. LoveWFO785108812.8
N.Hines GAR818617979.7
J. EvansRIV713713169.6
J. FrasierPRI713111989.2
S.Bowman SGR717715288.6
I.Martin CLE716310386.4
I. GibbonsCRY71618285.1
J.Styles SAN71778985.1
D.McClain PAN71668455.1


T.Pinnix NWD73061752099299.9
P.Kearney BRO72741471862266.0
S.Stankavage CGI72031181795256.4
E.Braband WAK72501451741248.7
L.Massei GHO82871691983247.9
T.Evans EWK7170921485212.1
K.Hinton SDR7145891472210.3
B.Grisel MID72091121455207.9
C.Stough ECH7153741409201.3

Passing Efficiency

(1,000-yard minimum)

K.Hinton SDR71472142175.8
C.Sakowski COR71226187175.7
B.Hudson GAR81157121164.1
M.McCutcheon SGR71068124162.1
T.Evans EWK71485152154.3
P.Pappas CED71139207149.8
G.Smith SJO7104964148.7
J.Herakovich RAV81222109140.9
S.Stankavage CGI717951112138.5
E.Braband WAK71741183137.9
L.Massei GHO819832312135.0
T.Pinnix NWD72099218132.2
R.Landis NRC71294139131.0
B.Magner PAN7131598130.0
B.Barger WKC8107397127.9
C.Stough ECH7140969126.9
B.Grisel MID71455127124.3


J.Smith NWD792313131.9
D.Rose NRC77109101.4
E.Murrane GHO87761097.0
J.Schuller MID7635490.7
M.Trowell SDR76261089.4
E.Gill CGI7584383.4
M.Eustey CBA181181.0
D.Ford BRO7562680.3
J.Hankins ECH7537376.7
D.Harris SJO7497471.0

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