Cliff Mitchell: Landry putting loved ones at risk

October 15, 2013 

In Marc Landry’s Oct. 9 column “Subsidy surprises and other nonsense,” he complains about premium increases on the BCBS (no competition in N.C.) website for ACA coverage for those currently insured elsewhere. He also complains about being ineligible for an ACA subsidy for a personal policy from BCBS because he chooses not to get coverage available under his wife’s employer’s policy, putting his spouse and family at risk of his catastrophic illness or injury.

He states that his current uninsured annual medical expenses are around 20 percent of the cost of ACA coverage (but less than the cost of coverage under his wife’s policy) and that his monthly prescription drug expense at $4 is less than the $25 co-pay under ACA coverage. I wonder who subsidizes his current drug expenses now.

More than 20 years ago, between my employment with BB&T and later full-time employment at Johnston Community College (nine years later), my wife and I paid out-of-pocket for my medical insurance under her policy so that I would not become a burden on my family or community through illness or injury.

Landry’s complaint seems to be about having to pay for his own medical insurance rather than the costs of Obamacare.

Cliff Mitchell


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