Gordon Uscier: Improve ACA, don’t destroy it

October 15, 2013 

One can feel for Marc Landry (“Subsidy surprises and other nonsense,” Oct. 9 column) and others who wrote letters complaining about increased costs in their health insurance. Mine increased, too.

But let’s keep these costs in perspective. Health care costs have risen every year for a long time. For example, per capita health spending in 1990 was $2,600; in 2000 it was $4,550 and in 2010 it was $8,402.

So if Landry and others want to see health costs stabilize or even decrease, maybe they should direct their complaints to the North Carolina political leadership and ask that it bring down costs by creating a state insurance pool (rather that leave it to the feds), inviting more insurance companies to participate and working with doctors, hospitals and insurers to control costs and make those costs transparent.

Further, the Affordable Care Act is a good start to a good idea to make health insurance available and affordable to all. So maybe Landry and others, rather than complain, should petition Congress to find ways to make it better rather than waste time and money trying to destroy it.

Gordon Uscier


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