Becky Cade: Fracking not worth it

October 15, 2013 

I recently attended a screening of the documentary “Gasland 2” in Durham sponsored by Clean Water for N.C. I already knew that fracking (hydraulic fracturing) was bad for the environment, but some of the things I learned were truly frightening.

I learned that 5 percent of hydraulic fracturing wells will fail immediately after installation, leaching toxic chemicals and methane into groundwater, and 50 percent of the wells will fail over time. It is ludicrous that members of the N.C. Mining and Energy Commission said that there is no need for the drilling laws to be so strict because it isn’t possible for fracking chemicals to leech underground in the first place. If that were true, then the gas industry wouldn’t have to spend millions in hush money to landowners who have had their wells contaminated.

Retrieving the limited amount of natural gas reserves in N.C. is not worth living with the devastating environmental impact of having our water forever tainted by toxic chemicals. We can’t let greedy politicians who receive campaign contributions from the petrochemical industry decide fracking policy in our state.

Becky Cade


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