John Leicht: GOP double take

October 15, 2013 

Actor Bert Lahr was asked during an interview, “Mr. Lahr, you are a master of the double take. How do you do it?” Lahr replied, “Look twice.”

As an Independent voter (Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama) I now have to look twice before ever voting for a Republican again. That vote, while before it might have been for a Republican candidate who made sense to me, now means that Republican candidate may be susceptible to undue influence by the extreme right, especially by the tea party.

The government and a whole boatload of moderate Republicans are being held hostage by the extreme right. Moderate Republicans are now more fearful of being challenged by those on their right than by challengers on their left. They are also putting their own fear of losing their jobs ahead of people who, as a result of the shutdown, have already, at least temporarily, lost theirs. Hardly the hallmark of being representatives.

I now have to look twice at any Republican candidate – while I’m also doing a classic double take at what’s happening.

John Leicht


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