Fashion solutions that save the day

Posted by Holley Simmons on October 16, 2013 

A Deco-inspired pouch that will put the cool factor in your cocktail wear and also look super chic with jeans and heels on a less formal is the ZAC Zac Posen Clutch $350,


If you’ve ever stood in front of your closet and thought, If only I had ... , read on. Whether you need a bra that banishes back fat, jeans that shrink your middle or shoes that put the chic in rain gear, Susan Swimmer at More Magazine offers these solutions that will save the day.

Problem: You want an extra layer to ward off a chill, but you don’t want bulk.

Solution: A lightweight vest for all seasons.

It’s hard to get your body temperature just right. The air conditioner in the summer months makes moviegoing a near arctic experience, and winter’s chill cuts you to the bone. It’s anyone’s guess as to what fall will bring, weather-wise, and spring is a reliable mix of messy precipitation. Use Barbour’s Cavalry Quilted Vest ($179, It’s lightweight and fits under coats or over shirts and sweaters, depending on your needs.

Problem: You need to look presentable when it’s pouring outside.

Solution: Water-friendly flats or pumps.

Much as we like a rain boot, big ole Wellies are not the perfect match for all of life’s occasions. Meet the grownup version of a jelly – Furla’s PVC Aurora pumps ($178; dressy enough to pair with skirts and suits, comfortable enough to wear all day. Featuring flexible insoles and made of indestructible PVC plastic, both come in a slew of styles and colors.

Problem: Back fat, amplified by your bra.

Solution: Back-smoothing bra.

If you, like us, have shopped in vain for a bra that offers ample support without also accentuating back fat, look no further. More’s editors tried Vanity Fair’s nylon and spandex bra ($34; and with every top imaginable – from sheer T-shirts to ribbed knits – and the results were stunning: a smooth, lump- and bump-free back.

Problem: You can’t find stylish readers without shopping till you drop.

Solution: Try on glasses virtually.

If the reading glasses racked at your local drugstore fail to thrill, here’s an easy way to upgrade. features loads of chic styles that you can try on-virtually-by uploading a photo of yourself. The directions are easy to follow, and your purchase arrives in a snazzy storage box. All hand-polished acetate glasses are $85 each.

Problem: You want an evening bag but you don’t want to look like a granny.

Solution: Something with vintage-looking cool.

Gone are the days of carrying a prim, sparkly evening bag. It’ll date you faster than those crow’s feet. A better idea: a Deco-inspired pouch that will put the cool factor in your cocktail wear and also look super chic with jeans and heels on a less formal (more margarita) Saturday night – like the ZAC Zac Posen Clutch ($350;

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