Phil McCrory: A Pat on the back

October 16, 2013 

Gene Nichol learned nothing as president of William & Mary. He wrote in his response to his forced resignation in 2008 that “a committed, relentless, frequently untruthful and vicious campaign has been waged against me.”

In leading Moral Mondays, Nichol is not practicing his skill of mediation, but implementing instead his plan to eviscerate the governor and be divisive in the state that he professes to care about.

As the governor’s brother, I know that from an early age, our parents instilled a belief that we should make a positive difference in this world. While Nichol casts untruths to the contrary (“McCrory’s stands strain his ties,” Oct. 15 Point of View), Gov. Pat McCrory cares less about being governor and more about coming up with solutions to problems associated with the efficiency of government, our economy and improving the effectiveness of education in North Carolina – most of which he inherited. Sounds like a vision to me.

Pat should, as Nichol also said, “not surrender to the loud, and the vitriolic and the angry.” Instead, stay the course. Mom and Dad would be proud of him, and I strongly believe that if bitter people like Nichol will give him a chance, most will reflect very positively on his time as governor of this great state.

Phil McCrory


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